Kindergartners may enroll in our full or half-day programs. A one month extension is available for those children that miss the public school cut-off date.

Kindergarten Enrichment Programsare available in either the morning or afternoon. Transportation is provided directly to/from the public school. 5 FULL DAYS or 5 HALF DAYS.

First Grade is a highly motivated, comprehensive educational environment with more extensive programming than the local schools. Children work in all areas, including computers, at their own pace at different levels of instruction. 5 FULL DAYS.

Extended Day Program available 7:00 AM to 6 PM in addition to all regular sessions. (Prices are in addition to tuition). 5, 4, 3 and 2 day programs for Extended Full and Half Day Programs available.

Tuition includes transportation, supplies, field trips, insurance and snack.